Shea Butter & Jojoba Deep Hair Treatment

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    • 100% Natural, Raw and Organic

      A Deep Conditioner for Dry, Frizzy, Damaged, Colour Treated or Permed Hair

      The excellent moisturising and deep conditioning properties of Shea Butter, combined with Coconut, Castor, Olive and Jojoba Oils, leaves hair feeling silky, smooth and soft. Geranium, Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils help to comfort and soothe an itchy scalp.

      Certified Organic by the Soil Association, Registered as Vegan by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free


    • Warm a small amount in palm of hand. Apply to dry hair and wrap hair in towel. Leave for 15 minutes or overnight, then shampoo. Use weekly.
    • Made with 98% organic ingredients.

      *Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, *Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, *Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, *Olea europaea (olive) oil, *Ricinus communis (castor) oil, Tocopherol (vitamin E), *Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract, *Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, *Pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium oil), *Lavendula angustifolia (lavender oil), *Cedrus atlantica (cedarwood oil), *Citronellol, *Geraniol, *Linalool (from essential oils)

      * = Organic, **= Organic origin


COCONUT BUTTER - Coconut is unique because it's similar to the hair's natural lipid structure and able to penetrate the hair more easily. The benefits for your hair are many; its wonderful for adding moisture, shine and softness to dry, damaged hair, helps prevent hair breakage and split ends, improves scalp health fighting against dry scalp and dandruff and it is also said to promote hair growth and slow down hair loss.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - Has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, which can treat different conditions that may contribute to dandruff or hair loss. It is known to promote hair growth and have a calming effect on the scalp. The soothing aroma of lavender oil can help in calming down your nervous system making you feel more relaxed.

SHEA BUTTER - Dry, brittle damaged hair can benefit from Shea Butter, it has remarkable moisturising, nourishing and soothing properties, which promotes healthy hair and scalp. It contains cinnamic acid, which is responsible for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects, which help to reduce redness and irritation to the scalp.

JOJOBA OIL - Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and scalp, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. Jojoba oil mimics the natural oil sebum, which is produced in our scalp. It nourishes our hair and follicles and maximizes the rate at which our hair grows. The oil has antifungal properties that help prevent dandruff and maintain the health of our scalp. Jojoba does not penetrate the hair strand. This means it doesn't moisturise like coconut oil, but rather stays on the outside of the cuticle, making it a good sealant to lock moisture into your hair.


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