Why so Sensitive?

January 18, 2017

Why So Sensitive?

We know sensitive skin is no joke, skin that's prone to irritation, redness and blotchiness is never a fun situation to deal with. Sensitive skin is a common problem that can be caused by a great number of things, some of which, you’ll be glad to know, are in your control. Here is some information to help send that sensitive skin on it’s way!

We are always harping on about remaining hydrated, but when it comes to skin that glows, this will always be on our lists. Think of it in terms of your plants, when watered, they flourish and beam with green. When left with no water they wither and dry up. It’s the same with your skin.

Try to keep a diary of when your skin is at it’s most irritated and sensitive, make sure you note down what kind of irritation it is and take a picture. Relate it to the foods your have eaten, the places you have been and the products you have used. This way you can compare and eliminate the actions that contribute to your sensitive skin.


We’ve found some common causes of sensitive skin that might be affecting you:

1. Chemicals in the water. Water from the tap will always contain chlorine along with other chemicals and when we drink and shower with it our skin will be absorbing a large percentage of it. Try putting a filter on your showerhead and using a filter for your drinking water. Then remember to note the changes!


2. Are you keeping regular? When your digestion system is running slower than usual (which is linked to dehydration or too much insoluble fibre) toxins that are being rid are actually absorbing back into your bloodstream. Get those lovely prunes out, exercise and drink lots of lovely (filtered) water. Get yourself moving again!


3. Allergies. This is a big, big, BIG issue with many people and this is why a diary is really important, this way you can track the thing you eat and drink to try and narrow down the search. Many allergies show their reactions as skin breakouts due to the immune system fighting a substance that it thinks is harmful. You can even have tests to see what you are allergic too.
4. Genes. Now this is something you can’t help but can give you an indication as to where the sensitive skin comes from. You can get some tips from family members to see what helped them; it might work for you too.
5. Fragrance. Ah this anonymous ‘fragrance’ that we are so used to seeing in products! This is usually a blend of artificial chemicals that are known to cause reactions and to be harmful to our skin. Avoid at all costs! Always go natural or fragrance free!


Now what about some common treatments to counteract all this negativity!

1. So as mentioned, avoid that word ‘fragrance’, it’s so important we are mentioning it twice. It’s not only the fragrance within the products but the preservatives they use. Try using organic natural products. Our Calendula Ointment is a rich healing ointment that deeply moisturises dry skin. Calendula has been used for centuries for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and we only use natural preservatives in all our products.

Calendula Ointment

2. Try to avoid artificial sugars and alcohol. Both of these attack the immune system, instead replace with food that is immune boosting! Try oats and barley, garlic, sweet potatoes and mushrooms are only a handful.

3. Avoid products that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, this is a chemical that is found in most products that makes them foam. It is known to irritate sensitive skin. Why not try our Lavender and Bergamot Bath Soak and Body wash. Our products contain Sodium Coco-sulfate, which is made from coconut oil and is approved by the Soil Association.

Lavender & Bergamot Body Lotion & Bath Soak

4. Get more Omega – 3s and fatty acids in your diet! Try a handful of flax seeds, sunflower seeds or nuts a day. You can even take supplements if you are allergic or dislike these foods.
5. Look at your diet! Have a look at our ‘A More Mindful You’ blog on tips on a healthier diet full of nutrients.
6. Avoid going overboard with your daily cleansing routine, sometimes with sensitive skin, less is better. The simpler the better, try using our Chamomile Cleansing Balm. A rich deep organic cleansing, multi-use balm, which can be used to cleanse the skin or can even be left on the skin as deep nourishing mask. With Natural Organic extracts of Chamomile and Calendula and a blend of cleansing plant oils rich in anti-ageing antioxidants and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which soothes, decongests and gently melts all make-up away without irritation.

Chamomile Cleansing Balm

Try your best to narrow down the cause of the irritation, let us know if you have found anything else helpful in keeping that sensitive skin under control!

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