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Top Tips for Travelling (Vegan Style)

June 15, 2017 1 Comment

Top Travel Tips

1. Pre-pack some vegan treats for yourself! There is nothing worse than being 4 hours in to a journey and finding out that there are no suitable vegan options to devour! Have a look at our flapjack or energy bites recipes for some ideas. Your 'hangry' self will thank you.

Protein Balls & Flap Jacks

2. Accommodation: We have always found that staying in an apartment with a kitchen makes the holiday a whole lot easier. We’ve recently had our first Airbnb experience and loved every square inch of it. We’ve been able to cater for ourselves for long periods of time in destinations where there’s not a single vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant for miles around, bonus also being that we saved money.

Orange Tree

3. Leading on from the self catering tip we advise packing some lightweight plastic food boxes or cups to store food in for later on in the day. This has really helped us during times when we’ve been without somewhere vegan-friendly to eat. We simply make something up during the morning (or the night before), pack that, throw it in our bags, then enjoy for lunch.

4. Going down the food root again we suggest some translation cards to make the whole experience easier. Before you go find out some simple translations that might be difficult to convey, buttermilk, whey, egg whites for example. Print them out and keep them somewhere accessible, you can even make them business card size and laminate them (these are also great for people with allergies).

Whey & Egg

5. One of the best pieces of advice that you frequently see on travel blogs, is to buy items such as shampoos, soaps, and other cosmetics at the destination point as they’re just as easy to find and it will save some weight and space in your luggage. However, for vegan travellers that’s not always true. By far the smartest choice is to pack some essentials in your checked luggage before you depart from home, guaranteeing you have products that are organically and ethically sourced. You can even buy smaller sample sizes of our products which save a considerable amount of space. 


6. We know you probably know this but we’ll say it anyway, The best way to find out the destination and its amenities is to do a tonne of research before hand you can also read the blogs of people who are doing it right now and gain knowledge from other peoples experiences.

7. Keep a record of all the places that you want to visit, add them to your notes or screen shot them so if you fail to have wifi or data you are able to easily recall the address and name of the location. You can now download maps off line with some apps to help with those issues. Bonus.

Most importantly, remember to relax! Having an alternate lifestyle and diet does not have to be stressful. We can't wait to see all your holiday photos this summer!   

1 Response

Naomi Baird
Naomi Baird

June 19, 2017

Some great tips here!
I do a lot of international travelling and find the Happy Cow app also incredibly useful when in new places… it covers not only restaurants and cafes but also shops where you can pick up vegan friendly products and goodies. It’s helped me out numerous times!
Also, the guys over at Vegan Travel are worth checking out. They host a number of roaming vegan bloggers who post about their vegan experiences, tips and recommendations…. very helpful!! Xx

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