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The Skin You're In

July 16, 2021

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The Skin You're In

Taking care of our skin can sometimes fall in priority on our long list of things that need our attention. Covid 19 has changed so much it's hard to know where to begin with such an enormous subject and how to recognise what changes have and are taking place. So we're starting with skin!

The uncertainty of lockdowns, vaccines, losing loved ones, changes to job security are a few of the realities many have been and are still facing. No matter who we talk to the effects of the last 18 months have been challenging and stressful at levels that haven't been encountered previously. Heightened stress triggers the production of the stress hormone Cortisol, produced by our adrenal glands which affects our skin. When levels of Cortisol are elevated this causes collagen and elastin to break down which can speed up the aging process and fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable. Skin may appear and feel dry and lacking it's usual glow. 

Making the time to unwind and take care of your skin helps to sooth your nervous system which in turn can assist in gently lowering cortisol levels. Take a warm bath with relaxing Lavender and Bergamot bath soak for aching muscles and tired minds, add a mini facial by applying a lovely layer of our Super Anti-Oxidant Berry Brightening Mask. Ease those hard working feet and improve dry skin with our deeply nourishing Melissa and Mallow Foot Balm (it also helps to make them very sandal worthy throughout the summer!).
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Take your self-care ritual further by gently massaging one of our gorgeous body butters or lotions, such as Elderflower & Orange Blossom Hand & Body Cream, to moisturise legs, arms, bottoms and bellies. Add a touch of luxury to your bedtime time routine by applying comforting Frankincense Serum in small circular motions into your face and rushing, take your time! Our facial muscles and skin work so hard but feel rejuvenated with gentle massage.

Our range of Organic facial products nourishes the skin with natural ingredients and beautiful essential oils. The combination of face masksmoisturising creams, gentle cleansers, facial serums and body lotions will have your skin radiant and glowing in no time. 

We'd be delighted to speak with you about which products would suit your skin type, contact us through our website or social media platforms.

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