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November 22, 2016

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Where on earth did these bags appear from!? They most certainly were not there last week. Now, I’m used to losing my bags, or having them ‘accidentally’ sent to France when I was travelling to Italy, but it was a bit of a surprise when I found two new ones, right under my eyes! Who knew, ey? All I had to do was become a little stressed and lose out on some sleep and they appeared. Magic!

Now, in all seriousness, under eye bags can appear because of many different reasons and they can very easily be hurried on their way.

We can take care of our eyes by looking at a few different things. So, first things first...

Nutrition and hydration:

If you are feeling a little sluggish (*raises hand*), then drink plenty of water to rehydrate. Also, a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, with a bit of regular exercise are brilliant ways to boost your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic who-now? The Lymphatic system is a collection of lymph vessels and glands that has three main roles:

  • Fluid balance: this returns tissue fluid back to the blood
  • Protection from infection (*insert rap beat here*): the system produces those epic white blood cells
  • Absorption of fats: it transports digestive fats to the blood stream

All in all, it is basically the little ring road of vessels within our body that needs to be appreciated by giving it lots of lovely nutrients. This will not only help the eyes but every single part of you!

Next up: Massage 

Eye bags can be due to lymphatic congestion and this can also be eased with targeted massage techniques! Go ahead, it’s free and counts towards your daily exercise (not really, a girl can wish though).

Try gently placing your ring fingers in the corners of your eyes nearest your nose, and gently rotating them along your eye line. This technique helps to improve the circulation. Try to do this morning and evening to relieve that congestion.

You could even coincide this with a little product application, why not try our Aloe & Eye bright gel! This vegan gem contains organic witch hazel, eyebright and arnica to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines too. It also is jam packed with aloe vera and gentle apricot oil, which will add moisture to the delicate eye area.

Aloe & Eyebright Eye Gel Blog Image

We call this one: Eye Bag Army

Finally (and my favourite one): Sleep!

Try to get between 6-8 hours sleep a night, lack of sleep tends to make the congestion of blood and fluid retention (puffiness) in the skin worse.

Have you found any other remedies to blast the bags? Please do let us know!


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