Maskpiration - A guide to the perfect skincare mask.

November 06, 2017

Maskpiration - A guide to the perfect skincare mask.

Whether it’s a quiet night in with a glass of fizz in front of the TV or a Grease inspired sleepover with some of your best girlfriends, there should always be one thing present, a luxurious face mask. 

With such a diverse range of face masks available on the market, we understand how confusing and time consuming it can be picking the right mask for your skin type. (If someone could tell us what ingredient AB+17GHTY meant as well, that would be fantastic). 

We’ve decided to take out the fuss (and the nasty chemicals) and do the hard work for you. Here’s 3 of Lulu & Boo’s best selling face masks for you and your friends to enjoy. 


Seaweed Purifying Mask 

Who’s it suitable for? Problematic & Oily Skin 

This deep green, clay mask helps purify your skin through natural and organic ingredients. With key ingredients such as seaweed that helps oxygenate, tone and revitalise the skin. Propolis extracts act as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, whilst green clay is rich in minerals and helps stimulate the skins circulation, helping draw out toxins and impurities.


Super Anti-Oxidant Berry Brightening Mask 

Who’s it suitable for? Dry & Mature Skin 

This rejuvenating anti-ageing organic mask is packed full of fruity extracts and is rich in vital vitamins and minerals. Enhanced with cell regenerating properties such as Pomegranate extracts and collagen booting Goto Kola, this gorgeous smelling face mask helps stimulate the skins circulation revealing a younger, bright complexion. 


Chamomile Organic Cleansing Balm 

Who’s it suitable for? Dry Sensitive, Dry, Normal and Mature Skin

This rich, organic cleansing balm has a number of functions; perfect for cleansing the skin, or leaving the balm on the skin to be used as a deep, nourishing mask. Combined with natural, organic extracts of Chamomile and Calendula with a blend of cleansing plant oils, the chamomile cleansing balm helps slow signs of ageing. This multi-use balm also soothes, decongests and gently melts away all make-up without irritation. 

Lets us know your thoughts and favourite masks in the comment section below. 

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