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Love the skin you're in!

February 07, 2017

Love the skin you're in!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, which means goodbye to dull January and a warm hello to daffodils, longer days, and a peep into spring.

Here is a little romantic blog about pampering yourself with your own blend of essential oils. *Note* having a partner is not *essential*. See what we did there!

Blending oils can seem a little daunting at first and it’s important to ask the right questions. What do you want from the blend? Is it for relaxation, for anxiety, to reawaken? But persevere and you will find it extremely rewarding. 

Essential Oils

Here are just a few suggestions of the different oils you can experience and their properties.

Orange: This helps to stimulate joy, optimism and playfulness.

Neroli: A wonderful emotional tonic and aphrodisiac. Imparts feelings of calm, joy and desire.

Frankincense: This has a calming effect on the emotions

Sandalwood: This promotes mental clarity, with memory boosting properties.

Rose: A warm and uplifting aroma calms nerves, inspires love and romance.

Jasmine: This oil symbolizes hope, happiness and love; it helps to bring a sense of euphoria.

Ylang Ylang: As well as being great to pronounce, it stimulates feminine sensuality, euphoria and erotic moods.

Geranium: Helps to balance the emotions.

Cardamom: Is a sweet, warm, aromatic aroma with aphrodisiac properties also.

Vanilla: A known tranquilizing aphrodisiac properties.

Patchouli: Can enhance libido, sharpen the mind and help to overcome fatigue.

Nutmeg: This supports the nervous system and hormone balance.

*We buy organic 100% essential oils*

Next step: try creating your own special blend with the essential oils. These can be used in a variety of ways: oil burner, massage oil or added to a luxurious bath.

Oil burner/diffuser: To scent your environment, add your blend of oils and water to your chosen diffuser and enjoy swimming in the scent. We use a diffuser here in the Lulu & Boo office but you should choose a method that suits you. They both do the same thing; only the diffuser adds more moisture into the environment. If you are planning on using one of your blends for Valentine’s Day, be sure to start diffusing your blend at least 15 minutes before your special someone arrives.

Romantic Massage: Use your homemade blend to give a loving massage to your partner. When using oils to massage, it is very important to add the concentrated mix to base oils which can then be applied to the skin. When in its concentrated form the essential oils are too strong to be applied straight to the skin. Try adding 25 drops of your blend to a 50ml of base oil such as, sweet almond, coconut or jojoba oil. *remember: partner not essential.

Sensuous Bath: Scent your bath with your blend. Try adding 5 drops straight to your bath water and swirl with your hands, light some candles, and sink into the bliss. Why not use your body oil blend afterwards too for some double relaxation?

Open Bottles

Here are some blends to try:

Ready to get blending? When experimenting with new blends, use only three oils to begin with - a top note, middle note and base note. You can always experiment with a more complex blend when you get more experience. When you first smell your blend the top note generally provide the first impression. After a while the top note will have evaporated which will leave you with the middle and base note. As more time goes by your middle note will evaporate leaving you with the base note alone. This is why it is important to choose oils that compliment each other as they change.

Try something a little seductive:

Orange: 10 drops - Top Note

Jasmine: 4 drops - Middle Note

Vanilla: 6 drops - Base Note

Or something a little more sensual:

Sweet orange: 10 drops - Top Note

Cardamom: 2 drops - Middle Note

Patchouli: 2 drops - Base Note

Or try something more playful with this heavily based Rose blend:

Lime: 10 drops - Top Note

Geranium Rose: 6 drops - Middle Note

Rose: 2 drops - Base Note

This next step is the easy part. Once you’ve mixed your oils you need to set your new blend aside and let it rest for 24-48 hours. This resting period allows the chemicals and constituents of the different essential oils to mix and melt together, helping them blend better.

Then try your blend and feel free to change the mixtures and quantities as you experiment, find the right blend for you.


Why not try some of our organic oil blends too:

Jasmine and Vanilla Bath Oil

A sensuous bath oil created from luxurious and exotic jasmine, orange, ylang ylang and vanilla, on a base of organic almond & apricot oils that helps relax the mind as well as the body.

Jasmine & Vanilla Body Care Collection Gift Box

Jasmine & Vanilla Body Lotion

A deeply enriching body lotion, with naturally moisturising organic cocoa butter and nourishing organic shea butter, scented with sensuous and exotic jasmine, orange, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Body Lotions

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

Try removing any dead skin cells and improve skin tone with this luxurious moisturising body scrub. Organic brown sugar works to buff and polish, while coconut butter, almond and jojoba oil moisturise, revealing soft glowing skin. Scented with the rich aroma of organic vanilla, orange and cardamom essential oils. Lovely to use in the bath, first massage using circular movements, starting from the ankles and work up the body. Then relax in the sensuous oils.

Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub


The Lulu & Boo Team.  

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