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Let’s get that fresh-faced feeling

March 05, 2017

Fresh Faced You

Now we all love a good highlighter in our makeup kit, it helps to give us a little sparkle when we really might be feeling a little dull. We thought about why our skin might be feeling on the dull side and put a little blog together to help you to have a natural glow.

Morning Routine:

Wake that lovely face of yours up! A good first step is to rehydrate that tired, dry skin. Have you tried putting your products in the fridge before using them? The cooling effect will feel so very good and will help to reduce any puffiness, especially those sensitive under eye areas. 

Our Nettle and Lemon Tea-tree cleansing gel is a gentle yet thorough wash-off cleansing gel that cleans deep into your pores, removing dirt and make-up without making your skin feel tight and dry. Follow this with our Lavender and Lemon toning mist (straight from the fridge), it’s a gentle toner that comforts, softens, soothes and aids moisture absorption. Then finish off with some Linden Blossom Face cream to seal in that moisture. It’s a balancing moisturiser with the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of organic Comfrey and St John’s Wort extract. It also contains soothing Aloe Vera and softening JoJoba oil. The super trio!

Nettle & Lemon Tea Tree Cleansing Gel and Lavender & Lemon Toning Mist

Bright Eyes:

Eye bags can be due to lymphatic congestion and this can also be eased with targeted massage techniques as we’ve mentioned in our 'Eye baggage handler' blog a months back.

Try gently placing your ring fingers in the corners of your eyes nearest your nose, and gently rotating them along your eye line. This technique helps to improve the circulation. Try to do this morning and evening to relieve that congestion.

Add a little of our Aloe and Eyebright gel. This vegan gem contains organic witch hazel, eyebright and arnica to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines too. It also is jam packed with aloe vera and gentle apricot oil, which will add moisture to the delicate eye area.

Aloe & Eyebright Eye Gel

Water, water, water:

If you’ve been struggling to sleep lately, your skin may be suffering too. Lack of sleep can compromise your skin’s barrier and make it more difficult to retain water. The wicked word of dehydration will be mentioned but it is key to having healthy, glowing skin. When you wake in the mornings try having a pint of water before you do anything. It doesn’t just hydrate your body, it fires up your metabolism, helps to flush out toxins that have been building up and it keeps you regular and relieves constipation. Hurrah for water!


The root of the problem:

Now its all well dealing with the dull, tired skin but we also feel it’s very important to get to the source of the issue. Are you getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and finding time for some time spent focusing on yourself? If you answered no to any of these questions then maybe it’s time to focusing on these. We know it’s easier said than done but it can be vital to overall wellbeing. We want you to be the best kind of you.Awards & Logo's



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