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Holiday Hand Luggage Essentials

July 26, 2018

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The most anticipated time of year is upon us as it means its time for jet setting out to our favourite summer hot spots for a week of relaxation, fresh sea air and sipping cocktails beside the pool.

Travelling is the first step to your summer holiday fun and although it is filled with excited anticipation of whats to come it can also take a toll on your skin. Have you been known to suffer with spots and blemishes after being on a plane? This is could partly be to due to the pre-holiday stresses we all face.

Beach scene

Whether you spend 45 minutes on a plane or 14 hours, flying can have a negative effect on your skin that can dampen your holiday spirits and cause worries for your impending beach selfies. A main factor to lack-lustre, did-I-just-walk-through-a-desert-to-get-here skin is due to the humidity on a plane. Your skin is at its most comfortable when the humidity is between 40% and 70%, however, it is usually around 20% on a plane.

Whilst this is certainly not ideal or comfortable for your skin, there are ways to help you land at your destination without you feeling like you’re 99% skin and 1% water.


Water, water, water.

Hands holding water

The humidity on board and those mid-air G and T's can cause your skin to dry out and become dehydrated. But have no fear, we aren't suggesting you fly completely alcohol free, just ensure you're topped up with water throughout your journey and keep your skin hydrated. Water is incredibly beneficial for both inside and out, there's nothing nicer than a chilled glass of water in the hot summer sun and its great for hydrating and keeping your skin clear too!



Our Lulu and Boo holiday Favourites

(and all fit in your hand luggage!)  


We have gathered some of our favourite organic products to help hydrate your skin both on the ground and whilst in the air. Follow the links to add the products to your basket and kick start your holiday! Each product has a perfectly formulated mixture of ingredients to ensure your skin is healthy and hydrated. 


Lavender & Lemon Toning Mist

To ensure your skin feels soft, hydrated and vibrant,we recommend our Lavender & Lemon Toning Mist or Rose & Chamomile Toning Mist. Toners are a great way to soften, soothe and aid moisture absorption. Our 5 star rated toners are 100ml, so are the perfect carry on essential for your hand luggage.

TIP:  Our Toning Mists are also a great holiday addition as they double up as a refreshing facial and body spritz when you need a quick burst of moisture. Who wouldn’t want to smell this good pool-side?


Toners are a great source of moisture, especially on a long-haul flight so to lock it in we recommend using a moisturiser because whats better than baby soft skin that smells amazing too?


Organic face cream

Our range of face creams are formulated to the highest standard to suit a variety of skin types.

They fit perfectly in your handbag and offer super nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as Rosehip, Shea butter, Avocado and Sweet Almond.

View our full range of natural and organic face creams and find one perfectly suited to you!. 









Nettle & Lemon Tea-Tree Cleansing Gel


Clogged pores could lead to spots; the last thing you need before a holiday, However, fear not, these can easily be prevented.  Pores are likely to clog due to everyday sweat and dirt and that's perfectly normal. Our Nettle & Lemon Tea-Tree Cleansing Gel deep cleans pores, removing all traces of dirt and make-up without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry.

This cleansing gel will leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean and ready for your close up. 


It always seems to be the day of a big event or a day you want to look your best that a blemish appears or a mosquito has nibbled on your cheek in the middle of the night. We've all been there and its stressful.


Echinacea & Tea-Tree Gel

We've formulated our multi-purpose Echinacea & Tea-Tree Gel perfect for these dreaded days!

This antiseptic, healing gel is packed full of bacteria-fighting organic ingredients to help insect bites, cuts, grazes, shaving nicks and fungal infections to quickly heal and repair.

With key ingredients such as Chamomile, Lavender, Tea Tree and Aloe Vera, this handbag essential also doubles up as a very powerful after-sun for affected areas.


Rose & Vanilla Lip Balm

Another issue people tend to experience when flying is dry or cracked lips - Our Rose & Vanilla Lip Balm is exactly what you need! It fits perfectly in your pocket, leaves your lips looking soft and hydrated and gets to work repairing them straight away.

-Plus is tastes like Turkish Delight so no need to raid the sweet cart!


Travelling can be stressful and being in a confined space with other people can take its toll. Ensure you're fresh faced and in comfortable lightweight clothing allowing your skin to breath. Have a bottle of water on hand, sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey to paradise. 

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