Glitz up your Autumn - Pumpkin Decorating Tutorial

October 30, 2017

Glitz up your Autumn - Pumpkin Decorating Tutorial

The Autumnal season is finally upon us, meaning it’s almost time for ghouls and ghosts to wonder the streets, knocking from door to door looking to feed on a never ending supply of sugar. Paving the way to their neatest dentist lays pumpkin lanterns taking on all forms. Some are downright scary, others are graced with sinister smirks, there’s even the odd pumpkin that smiles, so what about Lulu & Boos pumpkin?

Here at Lulu & Boo Head Office we’ve decided to forgo the traditional pumpkin and get a little bit creative. We’re so impressed with our new office companions we thought we’d share our creation process with you. 

It’s great activity to do with all the family - and best of all? They last way beyond halloween and act as a great seasonal decoration for around the house. 

What do you need - 

3 Pumpkins (Any size)

3 Pots of paint (Sample size dependant on pumpkin size)

Glitter Spray Paint 

Paint Brush


Outside space 

Total cost - £12 

Step 1 - Primed to Pump-fection 

Take 3 of your pumpkins and lay them on individual pieces of newspaper in an open space. Paint each pumpkin in your chosen colour using the paint samples you have bought. 

Each brand of paint is different and you should consult the back of the paint tub for details on drying. Our particular pumpkins took 6 hours to dry and only needed one coat. You however, can paint your pumpkin as many times as you feel necessary.

Step 2 - Tape it up 

After several hours your pumpkin should be dry. Here you need to take your masking tape and create a ring around the pumpkin roughly halfway down. From here you can decide whether you’d like to spray the top half of your pumpkin or the bottom. We’ve opted for the bottom. 

Stalk it up - 

On our smaller pumpkin we’ve chose to spray our pumpkin stalk to stand out against our white background. We’ve used kitchen roll to fold and sellotape around the edges of the pumpkin stalk. 

Step 3 - Glitz and Glam 

This step should be done outside and carefully. Spray paint can be a smelly and messy affair. 

Placing your pumpkin on some newspaper, spray your aerosol roughly 20 centimetres from the pumpkin for good, even coverage. Do this all the way around using the stalk to turn your pumpkin easily. Repeat this step for all three of your pumpkins. 

Leave your freshly sprayed pumpkins outside to air dry for 30 minutes. After this time gently dab your finger around the pumpkin to check if it’s fully dried. 

Once the pumpkin has dried carefully remove the masking tape. Should the masking tape pull off any flakes of paint, don’t panic! Just touch them up and leave to dry again. 

Step 4 - Stalking fabulous 

Exactly the same as spray painting the outside of your pumpkin, spray the stalk of your pumpkin. Leave to dry and gently remove the kitchen roll. 

There you have it. You now have 3 very trendy pumpkins that are sure to be the talk of the street! 

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