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Christmas Skin Care Routine

December 09, 2016

Christmas Skin Blog Image

Christmas will always be one of the busiest times of year. With parties one day, family gatherings the next and the million hours you spend wrapping those tiny, awkwardly shaped presents, making you wish that you'd bought a book instead, with it’s lovely crisp, straight edges! We know your frustration, so come and escape the madness, find some time for a Lulu & Boo facial. We promise your stress levels will decrease.

Here is our method (you should all be familiar with the steps now too):


For all skin types try our Chocolate Orange Cleansing Oil or for those with dry of mature skin try the Chamomile organic cleansing balm. Why not try something a bit different, soak a muslin cloth in a basin of warm water with a couple of drops of Lavender essential oil, full of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Then massage chosen cleanser over face and neck, using slow, relaxing circular movements from the neck upward to the forehead. Massage works to soften wrinkles and combat the first sign of fine lines. For extra nourishment leave the cleanser on for 5 minutes and place the damp muslin cloth over your face. Relax and take a few deep breaths, breathing in the essential oils and forget about the mince pies you said you would make for the Christmas party.  After 5 minutes remove cleanser with muslin cloth using gentle circular movements, this will help to loosen and remove dead skin cells!

Christmas Skin Blog - Chamomile Cleansing Balm


Again, we have products for all skin types. Our Super antioxidant berry brightening mask is suitable for normal, dry and mature skin and the Seaweed purifying mask is suitable for oily or problem skin. Both masks contain clay, which will help to draw impurities from the skin and refine pores. They also contain natural enzymes (apple & papaya). This is one of the kindest methods of skin exfoliation and can be used on all skin types.  They stimulate natural exfoliation by dissolving cross-links in the skin, encouraging a rapid turnover and elimination of dead skin cells. Leave mask on for 20 minutes and again remove with a damp muslin cloth, you could even try another essential oil for soaking the cloth in this time. Why not try Geranium, this is a balancing, calming essential oil, which soothes dry and inflamed skin.

Christmas Skin Blog - Seaweed Purifying Mask


Try one of our spritzing toners!

Choose Rose & Chamomile for normal, dry and mature skin, and Lavender & lemon for problem and oily skin. All Lulu & Boo’s toners contain powerful active elements that ensure real results and will naturally tone, balance and heal to enhance your skin's complexion. Emphasis on the word naturally!

Nettle & Lemon Tea Tree Cleansing Gel and Lavender & Lemon Toning Mist


Warm 6 drops of serum in your hands and massage gently into toner damp skin, this will help to lock moisture into the skin. Work from the neck upward, exactly the same as the cleansing massage. Try using Frankincense Regenerating serum for dry and mature skin or our Rosehip and Pumpkin multi action firming serum for all kin types. Both serums are a perfect balance of essential fatty acids and antioxidant rich plant oils.

Christmas Skin Blog - Rosehip & Pumpkin Multi-Action Firming


To moisturise and nourish your skin follow with a moisturiser that best suits your skin type:
Almond & Rosehip Face cream
for dry skin.
Multi-Vitamin Face Cream
for more mature and dry skin.
Safflower & Nettle Face Cream
for combination and oily skin.
Linden Blossom face Cream
for normal skin.

Christmas Skin Blog - Organic Skin Care


You can also finish with a small amount of refreshing Aloe & Eyebright Eye Gel, head back to our previous blog about this to learn more. Use your ring finger to apply one pump of gel around the eye area, patting lightly. This helps to refresh, reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, whilst the Aloe Vera & Apricot Oil add moisture to the delicate eye area.

Okay, so that has only been an hour of stress free time but, nourishing non the less! Enjoy your pampering time and all products mentioned are available in sample sizes! 

Christmas Skin Blog - Vegan Skin Care

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