Are the products you buy really cruelty free?

August 07, 2017

Are the products you buy really cruelty free?

For as long as we’ve been made aware, the cruel and unjust process of testing on animals in China has always been prevalent and little has previously been done to combat this unnecessary and outdated procedure.  

Chinas beauty industry has grown 5% annually for the last decade (Morgan Stanley) with skincare and make up representing the fastest growing sector in the cosmetic market.  

The Chinese beauty industry has grown at a rapid rate making it no surprise brands who hadn’t previously explored sales within China are doing so now.  

In order to have your products sold in China, the Chinese Government has made it compulsory for skincare and cosmetic products to be tested in Government run labs, some holding over 300,000 animals.  

As a result of this policy, true vegan companies are now losing out on a $29 billion industry helped shaped by China's 1.3 billion population.  

With the mass market in China, not just in sales, but production costs too, has seen many companies across Europe and the UK that have previously claimed their products to be vegan and cruelty free have since moved production to China. Thus for contradicting their policies.  

However, there is a cost to selling in China. This doesn’t come in the form of a financial payment but the payment of a brands reputation. Something a well-established cosmetic company recently found out. 

Recently, the company announced they would soon be stocking their products in China - A statement that saw an uproar from their devoted fans across the world. For many customers this came as a great shock as this world-renowned cosmetic company had previously been a big advocate in producing and selling cruelty free cosmetics. 

In response to the mass amount of comments threatening to boycott the brand, they released a statement: 

“We firmly believe that product and ingredient can safely be proven by non-animal testing methods, but we must comply with local laws of the markets in which we operate, including China”. 

Over recent months there has been some improvement to help eventually eradicate the testing of animals through a combination of pressure from PETA and the advanced technology supplied by the Institute for In Vitro Sciences. 

As the rest of the world continues to help improve China’s animal testing laws with help from such organisations as PETA, voices are finally being heard and the process is slowly starting to begin. 


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